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Our Story

Claims Adjusters 411, Inc began as a human resources firm providing qualified insurance adjusters to Independent Adjusting Firms.  The quality of our adjuster roster is the result of a throrough vetting, qualification, and ranking process.  Every adjuster on our roster begins the application process by answering a questionaire about their experience, licensing, and their certifications.  Our staff then painstakingly confirms the adjusters claimed licensing, experience, and certifications against uploaded documents, state registeries, and/or employer references.  As an additional quality control measure, we then use feedback from the adjusting firms using our roster to "clean" it.  Adjusters who receive repeated complaints are marked "rejected" in our database, and are retrained or no longer used.

This need for retraining lead Claims Adjusters 411 to develop its training curriculm and staff.  We now provide training which includes:
1. Adjuster 101 Training
2. Advanced Adjuster Training
3. General Adjuster Training
4. Online State Adjuster Licensing and Continuing Education.
5. Liability and Cargo Claims Training
6. Xactimate Estimating Software Training

From this beginning, Claims Adjusters 411 has grown into not only a Human Resources firm, but a nationwide Independent Adjusting firm, specializing in liability and property claims.  We also handle heavy equipment appraisal and auto appraisal. 

We added estimate/appraisal writing to our available services this year.  A member of our staff will convert your scope notes into the format of your choice.  We currently write claims in Xactimate, MSB/Integra Claims, Mitchell TruckEst, and Mitchell Ultramate.  This service is particularly useful to new adjuster's who may not be comfortable writing their own estimates, as well as seasoned adjusters who prefer to scope more claims rather than writing all of their own estimates.

Our most recent accomplishment has been development of our own human resources database management software.  We put our experience in managing a huge roster of adjusters into creating a program that allows companies to track their staff's contact information, licensing, certification, location, and various other data.  Best of all, this software is customizable to almost any industry.

We are also the sole manufacturer, designer, and inventor of the Ladder CATy Ladder Rack.  At this time, it is the only hitch mounted ladder rack on the market, and is perfect for adjusters who need more space in their vehicle or who want to save gas by driving a smaller vehicle.  Please see our products section for more information on the Ladder CATy ladder rack.

Information about all of our services is available on our website.  If you have questions, please email  We also welcome suggestions on how we can better serve the adjuster, contractor, and insurance community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company.  We hope you find our website easy to navigate, and our services useful to you and your organization.