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ClaimsAdjusters411.com is designed to be a resource for adjusters and the claims handling industry.  Whether you are looking for work, training, tools, forms, industry related news, or a good "inside industry joke", you have come to the right place.  Our staff adds new content and opportunities everyday, so please check back frequently. 



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Adjuster Training

We have multiple training and licensing referrences available to help adjusters begin or advance their claims handling careers.  Click on this link and you will find: information about our quarterly in-class recruitment orientation training; links to a Virtual University for online adjuster licensing and adjuster CE credits; and links to our proprietary online adjuster training (available only to members of our adjuster roster).


Adjuster Roster

If you would like to receive claims from our company, or be listed in our Roster database for AAN and 411 Claims, you need to join our Adjuster Roster.  


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